Crafting System

Fortified Swiss 1_18_2018 4_50_09 PM.png

Crafting was mentioned and now crafting has been delivered! Fortified Swiss now has a crafting system that allows players to craft improved weapons and armor depending upon the level they are playing. This is part of the player progression system in Fortified Swiss, any item crafted is saved to the player's inventory. With better armor and weapons, the player is able to take on more difficult levels as well as gain access to better tiers of armor. Stay tuned for more updates!

Inventory System

Now that the inventory system is fully implemented, next on the list will be the crafting system. Currently the intended way for player's to attain new weapons and armor is to craft them during gameplay. This serves as an incentive to build a strong base that will last long enough to craft powerful weapons. The better the player's equipment, the easier it will be to complete harder levels. The experience system within Fortified Swiss works in the same way that its a strength the hero gains over time so that progression continues from game to game. 

Swords & Guns

Lots of changes in this latest video. The player attack mode is now implemented, which means you can fire cheese balls with your hand cannon as well as do whirlwind attacks with your sword! Defending your block of expertly crafted swiss cheese just got better!

Next to come will be updated sprites for the cheese fort, and turrets, as well as new UI icons and borders. 

Lots of Updates

Lots of progress was made over the weekend. Many of the 2D sprites that the game was missing was added in. Some of these sprites are still missing and being tweaked, but the majority there. Fortified Swiss also shows the Player's active weapon or tool, depending on which mode the Player is in(Build, Attack, Repair). Attacking the enemies with a sword and gun is now possible as well!