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Fortified Swiss is an immersive tower defense experience featuring a grand campaign that spans across the continent of Fromage. Vast hordes of mice have invaded due to the Mouse King's insatiable desire to hoard the most artisan of cheeses.


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Fortified Swiss

Fortified Swiss is an immersive tower defense experience that throws the player into the middle of Fromage, a war torn continent inhabited by the rat kingdom. Evil mice hordes have invaded in a dire attempt to obtain and hoard the most artisan of cheeses. It is up to the hero Castello to ward off the ravenous clans from eating and ransacking forts and castles throughout the kingdom’s provinces of Swissfurt, Goudare, Parmingham, Cheddardale, and Goatwick.  

Fortified Swiss plays like a tower defense with RPG and RTS influences. The hero must build fortifications, recruit workers, and craft improved items. When night falls, it is up to the hero to slay mice with sword and hand-cannon.

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